Thursday, January 30, 2020

Almost February

WOW....where has the month gone.  It will be February in 2 days....and the superbowl in 3 days!  WOW.  Go Chiefs!  Honestly, it does not matter to me who wins....I am kinda rooting for them both.  Chiefs because Mahomes is from Texas Tech and 49's because Garoppolo is well......HOT AF!!!!

Darlene loves her sweater and it looks great on her!

I finished the baby blanket for my cousin's granddaughter!

I got some of the new Airpods Pro....I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Darlene got me some new swatch measurements thingys from Finland....They are Amazing!

Antonio made a gingerbread house.....I have had him all week since Paige is in Miami this week

I made Darlene's niece a new chemo head hug hat....she is cancer free (thank goodness), but loves these hats!!!!

My master bathroom toilet had a leak and my water bill was like $80 (it is usually like $40) was a $6 part....I should have fixed this over a month ago.

Well, that is all I have this week.....I hope y'all have a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Happy Birthday Darlene!

Hey are you?  You may have noticed I have not done much lately.....and I am late posting....that is all because it was Darlene's birthday yesterday and I was crazy busy working on her birthday present!

16 days to knit 1131 yards....fingering weight yarn sweater....I think I was crazy when I decided to do this!

This picture is pre blocking.....I gave the sweater to Darlene today (I did not see her yesterday) and she will wear it tomorrow so hopefully I can get a better picture of her wearing it!

I have lots of other stuff....some random and some knitting related.

I did a swatch class....called Swatch Scholar.

And I won the prize!

At least I think I won....I have not yet heard from her and I have messaged her...we will see, maybe another Carrie R did the swatch challenge....LOL!

I got some new pom poms.  You put a button on the inside of your hat and then attach with elastic.  These were much more affordable than the big 8" ones I recently got...but not quite the same quality....but they will do....they are a little smaller too....about 6".

A great friend of mine, Melissa B, sent me some awesome yarn with pom is the perfect color.  I let her borrow something of mine, and she sent me this as a thanks....she is too sweet.  Thank you Melissa!!!

A tree at my parents house fell

And they have already had it chopped up into firewood....they do not even have a wood burning fireplace....LOL!

I did some meal prep, Antonio did dishes and I had to share a picture of my beautiful Paige.....

So, I am working on a baby blanket for a baby due in February and the shower is Feb 1…..well, that baby wanted to be present for her shower and was born the 20th…Her name is Collins Emory Campbell.....weighing 5 lbs, 14 ounces, and 19 inches long……I need to get a move on with the blanket!

Then, I have a picture of what my dogs look like when I am leaving for work…..they probably do this all day

Lastly, a friend of mine sent this picture of a wrap she is I want to make it with the exact same yarn.....heaven help me!

Have a great week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Baby Time

Hey friend Tami is going to be a grandma.....well, she kinda already is a grandma (long story) but her oldest daughter, Dejah, is expecting next month and they had a baby shower for her this past weekend.

First, I frogged the original booties....

 started a new pair of booties...

 and finished them...

While at the party, Tami showed us these these marshmallow guns she made for her family for Christmas with pompoms as the bullets....they are so cute....I think I wanna make these for my family next year.

Here is a short video of the action:

I also worked on making a pouch for the animals in Australia

But I guess I was too slow because they have asked us to pause....I am going to keep making this one (and maybe some more) in case they ask for more.

That is all I have in the knitting/crocheting world....but I do have some pictures of the cutest dog in the world....okay, all my dogs are cute, but none of them are as photogenic as my Jax....even Bizzle says he should be a model!

And in the fitness area....I am still doing my thang!  Paige and I have almost the same body fat percentage...we have a difference of 0.02% (she has less than me, but she has it in all the right places....mine is all in my belly) that was encouraging.

I ran 4 miles trainer has me going at a more comfortable pace (to be more in the fat burning zone) and I think I can go farther with it.

Well, that is all I have this week.....I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Happy Happy Happy Knitting!