Thursday, September 27, 2012

WOW, I have lots going on.  I bought a NEW CAR!  I have never bought a car that has only been driven by me.  I drove this car off the lot with 5.2 miles!  I love it!  It talks to me, and can tell me my horoscope, traffic, directions, and all sorts of things....but I really got it for the fuel economy....33 MPG baby!  As I was signing the millions of financing papers, I was knitting on my Nuvem (mindless knitting).  I asked the guy, "Have you ever had anyone knit while they signed their paperwork?" and he said, "No, but I find it very relaxing!!!!"....LOL!

Then.....I got my package from GERMANY!  Yup....all this yummy Rohrspatz & Wollmeise .......look at those great colors:

I have 1 1/2 of the socks done for the September Sock:

I am planning on finishing these socks this weekend so I can start my October sock.  I have lots going on for October....there is a KAL with Michelle Hunter (Intertwisted), then there is a KAL with Craftsy (HERE), plus my October socks.  I am going to use the Biscotte & Cie Yarn in Poisson.  Here is a link to my stash yarn, and here is a link to my pattern page.  I am behind on my September shawl KAL.  The lace yarn is much harder to work with than I thought it would be...and add beads, it is very time consuming.

I will close with a picture of my grand daughter (Celeste) holding my (very patient) dog that desperately needed grooming.....and a picture of my dog after she was groomed (it is like night and day)!  She looks like a different dog!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Knitting, football, what could be better? 

My SNB (Stitch N Bitch) group surprised me with a set of ott lights.....I love them!  My group is awesome!  Heck, all knitters are awesome!

I have been knitting on my September KAL socks.....

Do you remember Camp Loopy?  Well, I finished all my projects and was able to pick the yarn I wanted as my prize.  It is Dream In Color Smooshy yarn with Cashmere, and The Loopy Ewe had 3 colors specially dyed just for Camp Loopy Prizes (I thought that was pretty neat)!  I started a new shawl (because I just could not wait to work with this yarn!).  I am making Pogona.  You can find my pattern page HERE

Here is my daughter's best friend.  We call her Bizzle.  Her laast name is Bizzle, but we use it for her first name.  She is holding Antonio, after Antonio ate some Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  Can you see by his smile that he loved it?

I have been knitting on lots of things here and there, but mostly just the socks and shawl.  I have ordered the yarn for my October Sock....I cant wait to show it to you all when it comes in....stay tuned!  Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?  Mine was good, but bery busy.  I had both my grandkids during the day Sunday....and I am pooped.  I need a weekend from my

Jaime and I went to the deer lease (to drop off RV and get stuff ready for deer season) on Friday night, came back Saturday and was able to stop at The Tinsmith's Wife.  I found some yarn that my friend, Darlene, had been searching for.  It is by string theory and it is called inertia.  It is made by scientists and stripes perfectly. (the symbol for string theory is very cute).  It is in a green and white.  Darlene saw a friend of ours making the Jaywalker socks with this exact yarn during WWKIP day and she has been looking for the yarn ever since.

I got a couple goodies this weekend from an aunt that passed last month.  Of course I would much prefer my aunt over the goodies, but I wanted to share because it has a yarn story to it.  My aunt Patti and Dottie (Dottie passed away) were in the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics in Rome for synchronized swimming.  Their mother (I called her Granny Goose) was a big knitter, but I did not know that till after I took up knitting and Granny had already passed.  Anyway, Dottie had some yarn from Granny Goose tucked away in her closet, so Aunt Patti gave it to me.  It is Pattons Fuzzy Wuzzy Angora (P&B) made in Great Britain by Patons and Baldwins Limited.  I do not know how many yards each skein is, but it is SOFT!  Angora can be fuzzy when knitting with it (Celeste's red bow sweater had 10% angora) but I am still looking forward to using it.  It is "Lemon" shade 5504.  55% angora and 45% wool.  I have about 8-10 skeins of it.  Then, Aunt Dottie also gave me a cute gucci purse (my whole family knows what a purse ho I am)....I think it is so different and cute, I just had to share!

Oh, and Celeste's sweater is finished and it FIT her!!!!  I have pics of the finished sweater, but the pics with her modeling it, are still stuck in camera :(

I have been working on Nuvem, a pom pom blanket for Paige and a scarf for is a pic of the scarf for Paige.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hi everyone!  I had to post about the cutest material a friend of mine got when she was in Portlan Oregon.  It is knitting themed material.  I found some pics of it.  I do not sew (I do not need another addiction), but I am hoping to get some of this material so I can have a knitting needle holder made.  I bought this one on etsy....but I want one with this material....what color combination do you think I should get...maybe the red ewe's knitting on the outside and the red knitting words on the inside?  Or maybe the black background with ewe's knitting on the outside and then knitted swatch pattern on the inside (since the items the ewe's are knitting look just like the swatch)?

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Well, it has been weeks since I have posted and I am so sorry.  I have had a lot going on and I have been meaning to post, and then the days go by with no posts.

I got NEW NEEDLES!  Yes I did!  I got a set of Signature Needles and they are awesome.  Yes, they are pricey, but the yarn moves like butter on the needles.....I just love them.  They are circular needles, but I want to start saving my pennies and get a set of the straights in 7" as well.  I had two Signature needles that I bought years ago (probably 2009 or 2010).  But they were 4" needle sizes and I could not figure out why I did not use them that much.  Well, it was because they were on two projects that were in 'time out'.  So, when I started using the needles again, I realized how much I loved them and how much more I would love them if I got them in 5".  So I got a set of 7 32" circular needles, sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.  The 7's are on backorder, but I have a set of 7's in the 4".  The needle tips are stilleto and so awesome.  Then I got one set of 7's in 7" straights with the tear drop top.....I love them too....and like I said earlier, I will start saving my pennies to get more of these.

Here are pics of what they look like:

I think I also mentioned that I made a scarf for a scarf swap.  Well, my recipient liked her scarf....and I LOVE the scarf I got.  It is all different colors, and it is like a cowl...then, my person (her name is Shama, sounds like Mama) made me a card holder out of Longhorn Fabric!  She is soooooo awesome!!!

My daughter liked the scarf I made for my recipient, that I am now making one for a greenish grey yarn by Rowan (notice the needles):

I also loaded a bunch more yarn to my Ravelry Stash....this has been a much larger undertaking than I thought it would be.  I figured I better get it done before I forget what has been done and what hasn't been done.  I thought I had it all done, but realized I have 3 small drawers that still need to be done and then I am FINALLY finished!  All new purchases will be entered immediately!!  One other thing.....once I got done entering (almost all) my yarn, I was contacted by a lady via Ravelry that wants to buy some of my is just $7.00, but hey, every penny can be used towards more yarn!

Lastly, there is a lady that I work with and I taught her to knit.  Her name is Darlene and I love her dearly (she is a God Send to me!)  She has been looking for Wollmeise yarn in a grasshopper color for a long time....we (both of us) searched high and low and I found some for sale, but it was in Norway, and it was going to cost about $30.00 just for the shipping.  So, she contacted another lady (Ruby) that is a member of an online knitting group here in Texas (it is called Lone Star State Knitters).....well, that lady had some, so Darlene bought the yarn from her.....and Darlene surprised me with a skein of the same yarn in a Wasabi color!  I LOVE it....I will make another Nuvem with it.  Darlene is such a great knitter that when she was at my house this past weekend for SNB, she taught a new lady how to knit!  She has come so far in such a short amount of time, and I am oh so very proud of her!

Here is the pic of goodies Darlene got from Ruby....the deep green is grasshopper, and the yellow green is wasabi for me....Thank you Darlene and Ruby!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!